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Our Story


Tim Megenbier

Built two cutting edge automotive parts companies from inception to over $250 million. Expert knowledge in manufacturing , quality control, Six Sigma and ISO, marketing, sales, and distribution.

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Chris Megenbier

Self-taught in graphic design, product development, and beverage formulation. Tasked with branding, operations, flavor creation, purchasing, sales, and distribution. Key factor in research and conceptualization.

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Father-son duo Tim and Chris Megenbier started the company in 2013 after Chris graduated high school and decided he wanted to start his own business. They revisited a previous beverage venture, started by Tim, that was forced to close while he prepared for the acquisition of his previous employer and Chris was in high school . After much research and brainstorming, Zone 8 was born. By coupling the expertise of an established businessman  with the vision and  scope of a Millennial, together, they created a line of products that they feel gives today's consumer exactly what they're looking for: iced teas infused with REAL cane sugar, fruit and spice.

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