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My name is Chris Megenbier. My father and I own Zone 8 Beverages, the ready-to-drink beverage company you are currently viewing. Right now, we sell many different teas and lemonades, but after success with the ketogenic diet, I have decided I want to try and take my company in a different direction. Enter ThatFat, a keto protein shake that is in the final stages of formulation. ThatFat will feature premium, all natural ingredients, including coconut milk, MCT oil, and grass-fed collagen protein. We are raising money to help cover manufacturing costs on the first round of production.


If you would like to support us, please check out our Merch Store at for some cool keto and fasting shirts. All proceeds from this Merch store will go directly to funding this project. Thank you for your support!

ThatFat standalone website and beverage preorders coming soon!

ThatFat Banner.png
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