Our name

We wanted a name that would set us apart from the rest, but most importantly, encompass our company’s core values—to use real ingredients from many different parts of the world to brew culturally-relevant, organic, and non-GMO teas with REAL flavor to share with everyone we possibly can. Our diversity and quality of ingredients is allowing us to redefine natural so you can truly experience the flavors of the world.


The topic of a home garden we had started nurturing several years back randomly (and thankfully) came up during the naming process. After reaching many dead ends brainstorming, we became frustrated and decided to take a break from the thought and talk about our plans for the garden this season. We recollected how we spent many seasons learning from mistakes about growing cycles and the drastic effects on gardening by Plant Hardiness Zones, or Growing Zones—Bingo.


A Growing Zone is a geographically defined area in which a specific type of plant life is capable of growing. This is determined by certain climatic conditions, including things like temperature, soil acidity, etc.


A few clicks of the mouse and we had discovered that the same numbered Growing Zones could exist in different locations worldwide, because some of the same plants are capable of growing in multiple different regions (tea is especially versatile in terms of where it can grow). A little more research and a name was born—Zone 8.


No matter where you are in the world, Zone 8 is the Growing Zone with a climate and other conditions that are optimal for growing various tea leaves! “Zone 8” also conveys the idea that our ingredients come from all over the world, but specifically from nature, not synthesized in a laboratory.